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MotoGP Brno, One More Stoner! Agustus 15, 2007

Posted by ilham in Balap, English version, Sportbike.

stoner1.jpgIf you are looking for a close fight in MotoGP you would better tune on your TV this weekend. Tough Stoner seems to have the upper hand over his rivals after won his 6th victory in Laguna Seca three weeks ago, the season break will give more time for other bikes other than Ducati to improve their performance. Besides, some top racers including Hopkins, Pedrosa, and Rossi boosted to have their hottest race this year.

Brno indeed is a very enjoyable circuit for many riders. Some of them had won for times. Pedrosa who has very happy vocation in the beach feels very relax to compete again. He knows the track better than others in more small bikes like 800cc he rides know. He got his first 250cc podium in 2005 and 125cc in 2003. Meanwhile Rossi still remembers his turn back performance here in Checz Republic after long bad days in pervious races in 2006 season. Although his bikes showed the weakness during Laguna Seca race, but he believe that Michelin and Yamaha had prepared the bikes for this technical circuit.

Frankly, the true contender for Stoner this weekend comes from his teammate, Capirossi. Kicked off by Ducati, he will prove his potential once again by intention to climb the first podium. It is possible due to his record last year. In the end of the last season, Ducati became strongest by grabbing three victories in Brno, Suzuka, and Valencia. Capirossi claimed the first two races, and the rest by the replacement rider, Troy Bayliss.

Meanwhile Stoner seeks his seventh victory. He knows Ducati has all factors to win. After breaking the curse of pole sitter in Laguna Seca, his confidence grows bigger. He hardly made mistakes too. Just put your money on this wondering young gun! But still to come the close fight. Be that Ducati is stronger, but this season is full of surprise, even for Ducati. For some circuit where Ducati is traditionally strong, just ended up with mess. In another side, it was just perfect in Laguna Seca, a circuit the team was struggling for years…

One thing to remember, it will be just perfect if Stoner or Capirossi wins the grand prix. Ducati has the same color to Indonesian national flag. Subjective, of course! But it is still great and much funnier for me. Hopefully for you too in this commemoration of our 62nd independence day!

How about your prediction?


1. FADHIL - Agustus 15, 2007


2. bankai - Agustus 15, 2007

Cihuy ka dua…..

3. ducatimonster - Agustus 15, 2007

At the beginning of this season many people were doubt about Casey Stonners skils and his achievment. many peopley says that casey win the moto gp series because of ducati desmosedici powerfull engine and Ducati uncomparable straight line speed.

Yamaha and Valentino Rossi die hard fans still belive, when it comes to the low speed circuit that the only things that riders need is an fast cornering speed they believe Rossi will come back to his top form and win the series again.

but things has clear since Rossi crash at Schachenring while Casey finish fourth. After the Laguna Seca Casey already lead by 44 points over valentinno rossi. Rossi and Yamaha fans should remember, this is Casey Stoner, not Nicky Hayden. Hayden will be very happy if he finnish in the 3rd or 4th position. But this is Stoner and he got back up from the Mighty Ducati Desmosedici. Stoner like the most of the ozis, they are too greedy to get only 20 points in the series. So they gonna chase 25 points every series as much as they can.

Just wait an see, if stoner win this series i believe he gonna claim his title before the end of the season. 😀

4. ucheman - Agustus 15, 2007

ko pada ngomong inggris yak???
Yah pokona kalo ducati menang 1-2, bisa jadi karena Indonesia lagi HUT Kemerdekaan…

apa hubungannya yak??

p - Juni 16, 2010


5. telorasin - Agustus 15, 2007

nomer 5…!! mudah2xan hujaaan..!! biar kite liat skillnye rossi pas hujan2xan.. kekeke

6. ilham - Agustus 15, 2007

English forum, for exercise on light topics… Just give a try

7. glbabi - Agustus 15, 2007

Tough Stoner

others in more small bikes like 800cc he rides know

Although his bikes showed the weakness during Laguna Seca race, but he believe that Michelin and Yamaha had prepared the bikes for this technical circuit (bike?)

once again by intention to climb the first podium

wondering young gun

He hardly made mistakes too

8. ducatimonster - Agustus 15, 2007

komenya kok jadi dikit 😀 huehue pada gamau pake bahasa inggris nih bro … :mrgreen:

9. mazdody - Agustus 15, 2007

until last series DUCATI very powerfull,and Stoner is not crasher anymore.he is so confidence.i think he will be win once again in BRNO,but i heard yamaha have new engine with pneumatic valves.and i think HONDA do the same,they improving RC212V,because this bike very week in acceleration and top speed.so be carefull Stoner it’s not easy to win when they(honda&yamaha)strikes back.waduh ilate kaku ngomong boso inggris

10. glbabi - Agustus 15, 2007

Ever heard a saying: less is more?
I assume this is the case with 2007 motogp where Bridgestone and Michelin involve in the tightest war ever. In this year there are several new rules applied by the organizer, one of which is limitation on tire quantity.

On each weekend a motogp team usage SHOULD NOT exceed 31 tires. This new rule expected to creates a fair playground between big bucks brand and smaller factories. What is more tricky that tire selection has to be submitted prior to practice session and not allowed to be changed. Hence, a team has to stick and make use of their selection no matter hot or cold the race be.

Michelin used to come with endless supplies of tires while Bridgestone, although a big name in car racing, used to come with more limited selections. I believe this is where Bridgestone has an edge. They are used to make last minute selection and play around with their limited resources while Michelin prepares huge supply a month before a race start. The restriction to limit quantity and selection change makes Michelin abundant resource useless. Tire sponsors have to look for weather forecast closely and make selection change prior to practice, so basically they only have days available for preparation. And they have to be really smart in playing strategy of tire selection as you already know teams uses different type of qualifying tires, practice tires, and race tires.

Sit tight and watch!

11. denbagus - Agustus 16, 2007

masih pagi bangeettt.. udah nomer. 11..
waduh bahasanya nyentrik ane nyampai bingung …

12. wyren - Agustus 16, 2007

Wew.. English practice I see.. I just hope Yamaha and Honda get something for their half last appearance in MotoGP2007.. If don’t, then I hope next year we will watch war in technology..

En D rider of course… Lorenzo, James Toseland (yamaha tech3), John Hopkins (kawasaki).

Let’s watch sambil nyemil-nyemil…. Wekeke..

13. wyren - Agustus 16, 2007

Bukan gitu bro… Gw masih geblex masalah behasa inggris neh… Baka baka jane yo..

14. denbagus - Agustus 16, 2007

but today I’m the first..

@ 9
but i heard yamaha have new engine with pneumatic valves…. ,
thats right, and I herad to, yamah already complaint to michelin they will change tyre for next yaer if the condition still same…
so I think michelin and yamah team will be hardwork..

waduh bener po ora iki boso ne…

15. denbagus - Agustus 16, 2007

@.9. mazdody

sampeyan wong boyolali yo…?
( sorry nek salah tebak )

16. y4m4h4_b1k3r - Agustus 16, 2007

weleh weleh weleh. . . kalo pake ngingris nggak ketahuan apa iya tulisannya sendiri atau ‘cut and paste’ . . . . kabuuuuuuurrrrrr. . .

17. andzar - Agustus 16, 2007

WAH pokona na mah saha wae anu kenging ulah garede hulu… kulantaran tos aya buktosna yen saha wae bisa kenging…… teu kedah nyalahkeun kana motor…. kana ban.. atanapi ‘skill’ ti pembalapna… komo upami nyalahkeunnana kana ‘faktor luck’…… nu jelasmah sadayana pembalap kedah ngaluarkeun sadaya kamampuan nu digaduhan ku aranjeunana…nya motor..nya masalah ban… komo ‘skill’…etamah kudu pisan…..sanes kitu…?

nyang english cuma skill n factor luck…… tanya kenapa..?

18. Aji_gsx250 - Agustus 16, 2007

GO!!! stoner GO!!! rossi make the good game & competition …I Hope this season suzuki have a good change….

19. bHell - Agustus 16, 2007

“cing hua min tjung kaw fu the sie xin xin pao wa katro.. nihaw gong kilum bunis tju fumi siang fuanas, mua lem poek tje ka tara..”
artinya… (bingun) yach, intinya mah, SAYA MAU ROSSI MENANG!!!

20. ilham - Agustus 16, 2007

Kekekekeke… Ayo2 pake bahasa Inggris dikit2. Ini untuk nyambut brothers lain yg LN kalo kebetulan mampir. Aku lihat di global tracker banyak juga yg dari LN, jadi kalo ada postingan bhs inggris 1 atau 2 biji dalam seminggu kan bagus juga. Meski kadang pengunjung yg dari LN itu juga wong kampung kito, dari Indonesia juga 😀

Kalo ingin semua berbahasa inggris dan more than just bikes & bikers, coba maen di sini bro: http://kafemotor.blogspot.com/
just check it out

21. ucheman - Agustus 16, 2007

Practicing English…
Semoga Kafemotor bisa menglobal pengunjungnya..

22. andromeda - Agustus 16, 2007

@ twenty
that’s right bro ilham, we can learn from this article….
apa nulisnya gini aja? much pisitor prom oder kontri so wi mas yus inglish language gt loh…

@ all
just kidding… i think we must learn with other language, not only our language…(boso jowo, eta sunda, apa bahasa indonesia) gt…
kaaaabbbbbuuurrrr lagi ahh….. PISS…..

23. krukseng - Agustus 16, 2007

kyahahaha… bahasa inggrisnya serasa di blog india ya, rada-rada gimana gitu, wagu.

wis bahasa indonesia ae, bahasan motogp bahasa inggris kan udah banyak di situs laen, justru yg bahasa indonesia yg jarang.

lagian, ngomongin nasionalisme merah putih, tapi ga pake bahasa persatuan 😀

24. bHell - Agustus 16, 2007

hahaha.. lucu lucu komenNy, pada ngelawak 😀
andromeda percampuran indihe+inggris yeh??

Oke bro Ilham, gak percuma saya kursus bhs.Inggris.
i hopfuli de Batu (stoner) ken du de bes perpormen in tis kompetition. en de Rossi no GUBRAK GUBRAK or not bi de luser egen. kos ane gak rela (lohh, betawai)

ai want to shower dulu for refres my face, so ai ken read english more good (mana SPOKny tuh..)

25. ilham - Agustus 16, 2007

:)) hahahahahaha, pake bahasa Indonesia juga oke, no problem. ini selingan karena topiknya ringan dan hampir semua suka balap, kan?

26. Adul - Agustus 16, 2007

nyong ora ngerti bahasa ne

pokokoke Rossi championne,……….


27. odonk2 - Agustus 16, 2007

i wish rossi will back to fight stoner.. no more mistake.. c’mon the doctor u can do that.. figth till the last race in valencia. i know it’s hard ut u’r still the men vale.. proof it.. i believe you.. mmuaahhh.. cup..cup..cup.. hahahah..

28. odonk2 - Agustus 16, 2007

the race will be more interesting and hot if the point gap between stoner and rossi come closer.. so, don’t let stoner win again in byrno.. kill him rossi with ur skill..

29. girifumi - Agustus 16, 2007

cing cang keling manuq cin cang yank keling…

(gw ceritanya pake bahasa China)

30. bHell - Agustus 16, 2007

hahahahhh… kacaw dah ni artikel, lucuuuuuuuu!!!
jadi forum lawakan 😀
..sungguh ter la lu..

31. Kebak Angkoro - Agustus 16, 2007

Talking about Stoner, we believe he could be number one at 2007 season, Stoner and Ducati are beautiful art of bike racing. Ducati is most excited bike, Stoner a mad rookie, and we will see that all remain series will be Stoner’s wins. Lets watch on TV next August 19th,2007. Hidup Stoner !!! Dirgahayu our beloved country, Merdeka!!!!

32. karaba indah - Agustus 16, 2007

I lost my patient to watch Stoner rides his desmo…

33. E 5941 AM - Agustus 16, 2007

its time for Dani Pedrosa and Repsol Honda,
any body agree with me?

34. karaba indah - Agustus 16, 2007

I wish 2009, Stonner joint to Kawasaki to rise up the performance, Kawasaki needs a rider like him, come on Kawasaki..

35. karaba indah - Agustus 16, 2007

@ 33
Repsol Honda Yes, but AHM…kumaha nyak?

36. andromeda - Agustus 16, 2007

@ 31
don’t be sure cause the games not ending, still far away
maybe Stoner w’the Ducati will be winner or Rossi w’the Yamaha or maybe Pedrosa come be winner @ 2007 season…
halah.. iki bahasane morak-marik….
kaaaabbbbuuuuurrrrrr….. xixixixixi……..

37. aa - Agustus 16, 2007

i hope next race will be a very hot race with head2head battle for rossi, stoner and pedrosa.
i heard yamaha and honda improve their performance during this summer

38. nuvan - Agustus 16, 2007

menawi kulo tingali, denmas stoner saget dados jaworo melih, kenging punopo…? ngeten.. lha wong teng nggene dalan ingkang radi angel mawon saget nututi lan dados nomer setunggal… nopo melih teng nggene dalan ingkang gampil kados brno… pun to.. kawulo wantun totoan ngagem arto… saklajengipun, ingkang kaping kalih, kapinteranipun denmas stoner tambah dinten tambah mindak, sedoyo kemawon saget lan sampun ningali seri seri sakderengipun to….? lha meniko kawulo mbayangaken menawi denmas stoner mboten nitih ducati, neng nitih pulsar kulo… wah mestinipun kedah di kowoki rumiyin ngantos gangsalatus sese… lajeng menawi juara, kulo mesti kedah tumbas pulsar engkang enggal meleh.. lha kan bekasipun mestine dados boros tho…..

39. elkosith - Agustus 16, 2007

Wew, just realised that this is an english thread. Need to practice practice my english neh, since I teach the primary level (SD) in english, and some of my students are better english speaker than me (I never had any english course)….malu oy…..

Back to topic
Stoner already did a great job. And he will keep it up. But Rossi and the others will not give up easily. I only hope to see a good race with breathtaking fights that will make us go oooooohhhh, aaaaaaahhhh wuiiiiiii……

40. asikbae - Agustus 16, 2007

kirain mau ngomong indihe ente…
i am sorry masbro-masbro, i’m having not much knowledge about motoGp nor this wadehell language, but well i guess stoner will make a good handjob( 2 thumbs) while rossi is still in trouble with his blowjob (tire), but this is a race, who knows? i’m willing to see the suzukis presenting a great yeah..yeah..job in this race

41. elkosith - Agustus 16, 2007

kikikikiki……..already have a plan to learn some indi, but no time hehehe…. The same la, me (kebiasan pake ME instead of I gara-gara anaknya Plastic Man hehehe) also only can a little, not too good.

42. asikbae - Agustus 16, 2007

think you should masbro,and the dance as well, for better communication to your next bike, hehehehe……

43. odonk2 - Agustus 16, 2007

@38 nuvan

denmas stoner nitih pulsar?
ojo neko2 to mas.. mas..

don’t make stoner confuse..
pulsar? what’s that? i never heard before..
bajaj? no..no.. is it like cockroach or something idiot?
yea..ya.. its’ a jerk.. sorry..

44. gtukmawur - Agustus 16, 2007

What I interest in is not who’s going to be on the podium in this race but much more on what pneumatic valves will play on michelin shod m1.

It is important to have such a speed by using the aforementioned valves, considering that suzuki and kawasaki show the advantage during this season.

Let us see how’s thing going to be.

45. Amatu - Agustus 16, 2007

Do it Stoner…

A miracle year for MotoGP history

We couldn’t imagine at the beginning of this season that Stoner will stand at the top. Last year he just a looser. Stoner facing this season with new teammate, new bike, new regulation and new dream also.

We know that Desmosedici has a powerful engine. But please be note, Desmosedici is just one factor to win the race. I believe he have learned many things from last year, to be more patient and mature and thats the key point of winning.

2 thumbs up man….

46. kacang suroboyo - Agustus 16, 2007

@ bro ilham

I believe that Yamaha and Michelin will strike back, even I realize that it is not easy for Michelin to find their best design at very short time…. I am agree with Rossi’s opinion, this year tire bring strong influence for race result.

Some time tire has wonderful performance at the beginning of race but worse performance at the few last lap. In this condition mostly rider can’t hold the stability, so they should brake earlier and open the throttle later. They will loose a lot of time there. If we talking about same engine and same level of rider, so we can put the competition only for tire. But Yamaha has worse engine power, worse tire durability performance and Ducati successfully find their best frame design for stop and go circuit (2006 Ducati’s problem)…so Ducati and Bridgestone already win this competition at the beginning.

Meanwhile Stoner is the right man behind the right bikes….He is wonderful, very talented and he has brave guts to again Rossi, one important thing that no body has it except Dany. I love Stoner since in 250cc.

I hope Rossi win….but Stoner has a bigger chance than Rossi. This year is wonderful competition for Moto GP.


47. GPMania - Agustus 16, 2007

Brnno Prediction :
1. Stoner
2. Pedrosa
3. Rossi

48. 2T - Agustus 16, 2007

i hope none of those frickin’ ducati win… or this season will end quick..

49. bHell - Agustus 16, 2007

ai don laik sin de stoner fez.. kumaha yack.. aneh (padahal mah gak trima dya menang mulu, jadi mencak2, hehehe)

50. ducatimonster - Agustus 16, 2007

buk bak bruk dur dar der crok cret nyet hueeeeeek :mrgreen:

51. affcell - Agustus 16, 2007

hmm.. bisa mencret bacanya…
😆 😆 😆
(i hope pedro the winner for this time)

52. Gemarmakan - Agustus 16, 2007

gua pilih Stoner aja dah .. gua harapin besar buat Ducati moga2 jadi juara Dunia …

kebayang kalo Ducati yg juara tahun ini .. hayooo ?!? .. mau beli motor ducati lo pada ?!? emang ducati ngelurin tipe bebek apa :p wakakkaakakk

“ayoo bravo buat ducati yg slalu kenceng di depan “

53. Kayuh Baimbai - Agustus 16, 2007

oh yes oh yes oh yes oh no oh no oh no oh oh yes oh no oh yes oh no (apaan sihh!?!?!?!?)
Umai ngalu kapala mambaca nang endespew endespau ne. Kawa jua kah Rossi menang lah. Dimapa handak menang lamun sapida mutur uyuh banar.
Uuurangnya, ada kah buhan banjar disini ne? S

54. Kayuh Baimbai - Agustus 16, 2007

Umai ngalu kapala mambaca nang endespew endespau ne. Kawa jua kah Rossi menang lah. Dimapa handak menang lamun sapida mutur uyuh banar.
Uuurangnya, ada kah buhan banjar disini ne? S

55. x - Agustus 17, 2007

ada ai ! harat rider banua jua. suruh bauntalan, naiki ducati !

ono mas ! aku yo ra ngerti e !

y. maybe stoner will becomes the champion on this season. but i think, it’s not great if there are soo many factor influencing (tire, rider, machines …) i agree what rosi n biaggi said ’bout the tire regulation.

56. elkosith - Agustus 17, 2007

later on if i have become good, i will teach you, so we can talk and dance together hehehe. Interested?

57. hendra_ku - Agustus 17, 2007

wah, ebat, nie artikel satu²nya dngn postingan menggunakan bahasa terbanyak (campur², dari inggris, banjar, sunda, jawa, dll)

klo saya tetep, Go Go Rossi Go
-Viva La Rossi- 🙂

58. Babad120r - Agustus 17, 2007

Vale have a joke,”if desmo my bike same as stoner,how with stoner?What stoner be the win again”ulun hanyar umpat jar,menawi ngoten,punopo setuju?

59. Wesnoth - Agustus 17, 2007


60. Uloh Itah - Agustus 17, 2007

Tege uloh itah ka kanih lah?

61. elkosith - Agustus 17, 2007

je ne comprends pas, je ne parle pas anglais. (dari buku belajar bahasa prancis halaman 10 hehehehe).

Anyone knows what time the qualification and the race will be broadcasted by trans7? Never had the chance to watch the comercial so i have no idea when the schedule is. Need to know for sure, don’t want to miss it. Thanks for any info.

62. ilham - Agustus 17, 2007

qualification always at midnight, exactcly when?…
main race (motoGP) begins after sunset,… about when?

63. elkosith - Agustus 17, 2007

Ow, you mean that this race and qualification will be broadcasted on the same time like always? Hmmm i see….

64. elkosith - Agustus 17, 2007

gimana sih cara ngetik superscrib?

65. x - Agustus 18, 2007

qulification broadcasted after midnight n if ya don’t get the live broadcasting of GP race, it will be re-broadcasted (recorded) at the night

btw, banyak yg suka gp di indonesia, tapi IMI masih suka maen bebek ? tanya kenapa ?!

kendaraan bebek ? dibarii gin unda kada hakun ! (siapa jua nang mambarii !) bujur, kada keren lalu !

66. sego_pecel - Agustus 18, 2007

anyway, Rossi has to be realistic about his point. i mean, he shouldn’t hope too much to this Brno session.
aduuh… belibet deh!! 😛
pokokmen, kalopun Rossi mo permasalahin ban or mesin, it would be the same, kalo dia kalah sesi ini, otomatis dia harus siap ga bisa pegang juara dunia lagi taon ini.

67. sego_pecel - Agustus 18, 2007

katanya kualifikasi di trans7 jam 11pm, apa bener?

68. Gemarmakan - Agustus 18, 2007

yep ur right .. but anyway .. i’m still giving hope to stoner beeing a champion 2007 !

i Think he can a reach The Pole position again .., his lfast like a Rocket

69. elkosith - Agustus 18, 2007

ikam di banjarmasin ya?
Hehehe jadi kangen sama temen-temen di banjar, bulan april kemaren sempet main ke sana. Cuma tau ikam unda sama guring hihihihi….

70. elkosith - Agustus 18, 2007

How about if every thread about moto GP is presented in english?

71. Egomaniac - Agustus 18, 2007

bravo kafe motor

ada kemajuan ni bang Ilham..

bisa karena terbiasa. jgn mau kalah sm blogger luar ya bang.

sori kritik dikit, mgkin structure-nya perlu dirapiin dikit. Biar kelihatan ky dibuat penulis bule.


I place my bet on..

‘the 46 biker’, ‘the funny and entertaining kid’, ‘the incredibly talented with extraordinarily look Rider’, ‘the Prince of Circuit”, “the Magnet of MotoGP’, ‘the Doctor’, the one and only Valentino Rossi…

(boxing announcer style)

Fighting on the red Ducati, Australian hero.. Casey ‘lucky’ Stoner. Will he be lucky to launch the punching killer this time.. ? Neeee… lucky has it limits.

Fighting on the other red Ducati, Italian compatriot…. Loris ‘need to retired’ Cappirosi. Will he make a scene by winning this fight ..? Neee.. Loris is on the “new father syndrome” that permanently reduce his guts by… 50%.

Fighting on the not so brilliant Honda machine, the young guns Espanyola.. Danni “What is wrong w/ Honda this year ?” Pedrossa. Will he make millions of bike owners in my country proud with their bikes by winning this race..?
Weeekkk… Honda in my country is not identical with the word “Winner”, instead it create “Whinner” for its product. SO Danni.. just do your best, and we loved you any way..

and the rest of the guys who will eat the dust of the 46 bike… they will make way for our Caesar.

Long Live Rossi Caesar

72. ilham - Agustus 18, 2007

@ 70. elkosith – Agustus 18, 2007
Yap, it’ll be very interesting, bro!!! and maybe all extra light topics just fit to be in English…

@ 71. Egomaniac – Agustus 18, 2007
Long after the last comment bro… How’ve u been?
Practice just makes perfect, right? hehehehehe… tnq for the appreciation and critique… Still many to come

73. wyren - Agustus 18, 2007

Wah… Jangan menghina Stoner mas.. Dia gak pakek lucky doang… Dia emang jenius mas… Moga2 Dino Tata bisa kayak dia atau Rossi… Loh, gak connect babar blasss…

74. MAZDODY - Agustus 19, 2007

no i am not from crocodile forget i am from forest mount.
starting grid:

rossi nomer 6 lo.
asli kutho gaplex

75. wyren - Agustus 19, 2007

Yes.. Semua jagoan gw Menang.. 1-2-3!!! Wuhui..

76. elkosith - Agustus 19, 2007

What a boring race. But good job for Hopkins and Hayden.

77. ilham - Agustus 19, 2007

Hahahahaha… Safely through the next season…

78. elkosith - Agustus 19, 2007

Oya, for Stoner too. Great job.

79. novasonic - Agustus 19, 2007

Gak pede gw pake bhs Inggris……

Lama gak ikut les….. wakakakakakak…..

Ikut baca aja dehh…… (Maklum orang ndeso….)

80. BJUBAH HITAM - Agustus 20, 2007

suzuki semakin mantap….sayang jokinya kurang handal coba kalo yg naikin si rossi ..semakin ketinggalan yg lainnya

81. Aji_gsx250 - Agustus 20, 2007

tuh kan bener feeling gw
1. stoner Ducati
2. J. Hopkins Suzuki
3. N. hayden Honda
suzuki makin maju….

82. Casey Stoner - Juara Dunia MotoGP 2007 « Sandy’s Blog - Agustus 20, 2007

[…] baca jugaducatimonster – yamaha yzr m1 payah, ducati warna hijau!kafemotor – MotoGP Brno, One More Stoner! […]

83. sego_pecel - Agustus 20, 2007

seandainya yamaha mau pake mesin V ma tetep pake bridgestone, alias motornya ngga kalah ma ducati or honda, gw yakin Rossi tetep menang. mesin V emang liar kalo di 990cc, tapi ternyata lebih bagus hasilnya di 800cc, kebalikan dari mesin segaris, bukannya ngga seneng dengan kemenangan stoner, tapi rossi kan entertainer sejati yang bikin MotoGp jadi seru. Stoner lebih mirip McDohan, yang cuma mikir menang en bikin gap sejauh mungkin, tapi kan jadi ngga seru, ngga ada pertarungan yang bikin gw harus teriak-teriak waktu nonton Gp. bahkan kemaren gw lebih menikmati seri 250cc daripada Gp, aneh kan?

84. BJUBAH HITAM - Agustus 20, 2007

ah..biasa aja kok kaga aneh

85. k-jengking - Agustus 20, 2007

2– 40.asikbae

how come those words could match with (2 thumbs) n (tire)?? hehee..

oh well, since no.46 seemed having trouble with his bike i could no longer enjoy the race. but i admit that no.27 were fabulous this season

86. asikbae - Agustus 20, 2007

yah..di pas-pasin aja laah..
yup, stoner is great, too great, sooooo great it makes the races are no longer RAMEEEE….!!!

87. karaba indah - Agustus 20, 2007

make a batle aple to aple,
Rossi vs Stoner ride Desmo, who will win the race..
Rossi vs Stoner ride Honda, who will win the race..
Rossi vs Stoner ride Lime Green, who will win the race..
who is the GP Master?

88. elkosith - Agustus 20, 2007

Rossi vs Stoner ride BMX, who will win the race..
Rossi vs Stoner ride tricycle, who will win the race..
who is the kungfu master (lo kok?)
Just kidinging……

89. girifumi - Agustus 20, 2007

Sekali lagi Casey Stoner menunjukan kedahsyatannya. Mematahkan mitos pole sitter 2007 tidak akan juara sukses dipecahkannya dua kali. Kemudian,bila jeli,ada siklus unik dari Rossi. di setiap kali tampil di Brno, tahun genap tak juara sedangkan di tahun ganjil menjadi juara.Ini juga dipatahkan. Yang menjadi rekor hingga saat ini,setiap yang jadi narasumber Joni Lono Mulia maka bisa dipastikan Rossi tidak akan menjadi juara. Well? Any Opinion?……

CW bro, cw lucu bgt asli

90. wyren - Agustus 20, 2007

Haha… Aneh2 aja sama NPWP..

Aple 2 Aple

Dulu Rossi pas di RC211V yang notabene The best dari semua motorcycle di motoGP ada yang protes gak?? Waktu jadi juara Dunia ada yang ngomong ngomong itu keberuntungan gak?? Sekarang kenapa kalok Stoner yang punya motor bagus pada protes??

91. AHM (Anti Honda motor) - Agustus 20, 2007

motor yamaha kempos…..
disalip ducati, wajarlah
tapi sama suzuki kesalip, wakakak…
udah gitu ditempel ketat kawasaki, makin wakakak..
untung masih jauh dari timnya kenny robert jr…

92. BJUBAH HITAM - Agustus 20, 2007

pokoke utk GP ane tetep pegang SUZUKI yg lagi konsen di MOTO GP tapi tdk di SUPERBIKE….sedih..aku…sedih

93. wedulgembez - Agustus 20, 2007

suzuki dah…ngetop abiz…besok pake Capirex lho

94. bHell - Agustus 20, 2007

hah, kalah lagi si rossi.. (indonesia)
owh, rossi looser again.. (inggris)
hmm, xing pau gong rossi.. (mandarin, ngarang)
hai, watashiwa rossi gagal ne.. (jepang dulu)
overdomeh, tu ourang italy tjidak berguna.. (blanda dulu)

95. Awam - Agustus 20, 2007


GLODUKUT, DAK DIG DUG, KRING KRING GOES GOES, APA SEhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ancur dah, jadi bahasa planet semua.

96. elkosith - Agustus 20, 2007

Hehehehe udah balik ke asal

97. wedulgembez - Agustus 21, 2007

wah 2008 hopkins ke Kawasaki, apa gak kecewa ntar gak bisa naek podium lagi, kan performa bagus suzuki…hehehe

98. gtukmawur - Agustus 21, 2007

John hopkins pindah ke kawasaki karena ditawari gaji yg lebih gede. Kawasaki sudah hampir sesempurna Suzuki, tinggal nunggu pembalap ngotot aja.

99. Vanatik - Agustus 21, 2007

hello you all i am vanatik (vanatiko rossi)
thankyou so much about your support to me!
i think i must be better than before

thank you all, lets be a good valentik

100. SJM - Agustus 22, 2007

Karena rossi dah gak ada tajinya lagi di motogp, gw yakin bakal banyak org indonesia yang lego motor Yamahanya. Memalukan Rossi diudak-udak mtr sekelas kawasaki. Yamaha semakin dide(pak) wakakakaka

komporin trus kaboour…

101. plenthong - Agustus 22, 2007

menawi stoner punika miturut pemanggih kawulo inggih sampun saged nggulowentah kakiyatanipun kanthi sak sae-saenipun kagem perang tanding kalian denmas rossi,pramilo kawulo pitados bilih stoner saged angsal ngrebat no setunggal wonten ing warsa sakpunika..thog..thog..thog

102. girifumi - Agustus 22, 2007

jawinipun pundhi mas?

103. wedulgembez - Agustus 23, 2007


Ki manteb sudar-ngono ya?

104. ndog_bunder - Agustus 23, 2007

opo to yo… yo…

105. denbagus - Agustus 23, 2007

sajake ponakane ki manteb iki..
opo malah mantune ?

106. denbagus - Agustus 23, 2007

sampeyan kursus bahasa dimana ?
ikutan dunk…

107. karaba indah - Agustus 23, 2007

indonesia inggris podho lucune….

108. GPMania - Agustus 23, 2007

Looks like skill of Rossi is lower than Stoner. Rossi has 5 times world champion due to lucky and great machine only.. kabuuuuurrrrr

109. Gemarmakan - Agustus 25, 2007

This Time Stoner is a must to be The World Champion ..

I hope Ducati will win this GP 2007 ..

and I’l be glad if Ducati win this years .. heheheh

because The Ducati does not Have a DuckMotor … he he he he

110. MAZDODY - Agustus 25, 2007

GAK SIA2 gw ngajarin stoner,ha ha ha ha

111. kingkong - Agustus 29, 2007

I believe my man Pedrosa “the imut man” will be the champion this weekend … and one thing for you guys … ssstssstss !!! … its a secret … the doctor is not as spectaculer as before (macana bari ngaharewos …) why ? ……………….

112. ratuadilsatriapinandhita - September 5, 2007

naik mobil lebih aman daripada naik motor.


113. aiu - September 24, 2007

huhuhuhuhu…… akhirnya juara dunia di MotoGP udah keluar dialah Casey Stoner….akyu sedih Rossi ga jd juara dunia… tapi walo begitu tetep jadi juara dihati aku hikhikhikhik…:(rossi aku berdoa supaya musim 2008 rossi yang menang….asal ga ada masalah lagi aja :B(

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